[download] Linksys_wvc54gca_wireless_camera


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File Name: Linksys_wvc54gca_wireless_camera
File Submitter: etc6849
File Submitted: 30 Sep 2009
File Updated: 1 Oct 2009
File Category: Premise
Author: 99% Damon, 1% etc6849
Contact: reply to download post
Version: 1.0

Here's a driver for a linksys wireless camera (model: wvc54gca).

This driver was created using the dlink driver as a guide (posted by Damon), found at the bottom of this post

You may want to modify the sizes for the various modes. I've commented out all modes except HighRes because the activex object will resize itself based on your window size. This particular camera has a microphone built in, so the activex object will let you hear what's going in the room too (you can mute this if you'd like).

The firmware for my camera is: V1.00R24

To install, unzip xdo file and import under modules using builder.

PS: If you use this camera and experience connection drops, reserve an ip using your router's DHCP reservation table(assuming your router does this). Then, set the cameras internal ip to static and make it equal to the reserved ip. I was getting connection drops before I did this.

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