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File Name: Manual: Premise Scripting Reference
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File Submitted: 30 Apr 2009
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The attached Word document contains material excerpted from Premise's online help and reformatted into a convenient, easy-to-read manual. It describes all of Premise's core objects, their methods, and examples of how to use them. Here's a sample of the System object's AddTimer method:

addTimer Creates a Timer that executes an expression at a specified interval, a specified number of times.

Creates a Timer that executes an expression at a specified interval, a specified number of times.
object.addTimer(delay, expression, repetitions, [name])

  • object (optional)
    Always the System Object.
  • Delay (required)
    Time period (in seconds) from the creation of the Timer and the first Trigger, then for subsequent triggers.
  • Expression (required)
    A valid string script expression.
  • Repetitions (required)
    Number of times the Timer will fire.
  • Name (optional)
    The name used to create the timer object in Modules.Default.Timers.
'Add a named event to turn off this device 10 minutes from now
system.addTimer 600, "this.PowerState = False", 1, this.Name
You can use the addTimer method to add any repeated event. For example, you can use addTimer to execute a script 30 seconds from now to flicker a light on and off. Use addEvent for one time events. If the script expression needs to contain quotes such as, this.Description = "Hallway Light", use single quotes within the double quotes. Note: Timers should not be named with sys paths such as: sys://Schema/Modules/Default/Timers/MyTimer.

Version 2.0

addEvent Method | removeTimer Method | Timers

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great document. thanks for putting this stuff together. very good examples. I had to download a 2007 microsoft office compatibility pack to open it, but I'm glad I did.