[download] Module: CallMonitor - reports inbound and outbound calls.


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File Name: Module: CallMonitor - reports inbound and outbound calls.
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File Submitted: 10 Mar 2012
File Category: Premise
Author: 123
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Version: 2.6

CallMonitor is a Premise Module which allows Premise Home Control to maintain a history of inbound and outbound calls and display the number of new voicemail messages. The calls are displayed in Premise Browser and MiniBrowser.

If paired with the optional Contacts Module, CallMonitor can display custom names instead of the received Caller ID Name.

CallMonitor is a Home-level object and is a functionally superior replacement for Premise’s Telephone object.

CallMonitor works with the Obihai OBi110 and CallerIDModem drivers. Outbound calls and voicemail status are available only if CallMonitor is used with the Obihai OBi110 driver. Voicemail must be a centralized service as opposed to a local service furnished by the house phone.

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