[download] Module: Contacts - Maintains a list of phone contacts.


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File Name: Module: Contacts - Maintains a list of phone contacts.
File Submitter: 123
File Submitted: 10 Mar 2012
File Category: Premise
Author: 123
Contact: 123
Version: 2.6

Contacts is a Premise Module which allows Premise Home Control to maintain a list of contacts and their phone numbers.

Contact information is displayed in Premise Browser and MiniBrowser. Its primary purpose is to enhance the operation of the CallMonitor module. However, it can operate alone and serve as a useful reference.

When used with the CallMonitor module, it allows you to override the supplied Caller ID and report caller names using a preferred name. Each contact can also have a custom announcement message.

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FYI: The zip archive contains the Module and full documentation.

After completing the installation instructions, open Premise Browser and go to Media > Contacts. Naturally, the Contact List will be empty. To create your first contact, ensure you click the Add button. You may be tempted to begin filling out the empty form without clicking Add but you'll discover your data will be discarded. Click Add first!