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File Name: Philips Hue
File Submitter: etc6849
File Submitted: 13 May 2016
File Category: Premise
Author: etc6849
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Control Philips Hue with Premise!
Works with Premise's native lighting class, so you can also change brightness and turn your Hue lights on/off.  No extended GUI has been made yet to change lighting color from Premise's web interface, so hopefully if someone uses this, they'll do that.
Automatically imports lights and groups from your Philips Hue Bridge (zigbee based RF bridge that connects to your home network). 
For my install, I use scripts that initiate color changes.  This module lets you change color of your lights based on events via OnChange scripts you write under respective Home objects.  For example, when your phone rings your lights could turn red, when a movie is playing your lights could turn green, etc...

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Could just have a popup that uses standard HTML colors.  The module is using Premise's HTMLColor property.  A slider that outputs hex values would work too with vbscript like this:

' for group:
devices.CustomDevices.HueBridge.Groups.Theater.SetValueForced "RGBColor","LightPink"

'OR use the HTML's color hex value:

devices.CustomDevices.HueBridge.Groups.Theater.SetValueForced "RGBColor","FFB6C1"

' for light:
devices.CustomDevices.HueBridge.Lights.TheaterCeiling.SetValueForced "RGBColor","RoyalBlue"
devices.CustomDevices.HueBridge.Lights.TheaterCeiling.SetValueForced "RGBColor","4169E1"

' to get hex value in vbscript for HTML color:
sRGB = GetHTMLColor(sysevent.newVal)

chucklyons said:
etc - nice job! I don't have the HUE, yet - but this definitely pushes me in that direction! How do you envision the colors working for this in the non-AB version?