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File Name: pit.zip
File Submitter: fischershaw
File Submitted: 11 Mar 2015
File Category: Premise
Author: fischershaw
Contact: [email protected]

Pentair IntelliTouch Interface (pit).
Talks on the rs485 bus by pretending to be a Remote device. Allows viewing/control of various things by talking to the Controller. Monitors Pump class messages, but does not talk directly to the pump, only through the Controller. Also monitors the older format IntelliChlor messages. Currently uses the A5 version of the protocol, because that is what I have. There are of course many things that are unknown with all versions of the protocol, but this does not interfere with controlling basic things.
One thing that would be nice is to determine how to force the Controller to send a Heat status message (0x08) to get current temperature set points without actually setting the temperatures (0x88). Currently you have to set pool or spa temperature to force the Controller to spit out the temperature set points. After that you are fine.
Note that when attaching an RS485 converter (like Digi One SP), you will likely need to set termination. No one mentions that, but I found there are communication difficulties if you do not. 100 ohms seems to be fine, which is what the Digi optionally provides.

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New Member
Nice job.  You can get the heat status by sending the corresponding A5 request typ=0xC8 and len=0