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File Name: POP3 Version2
File Submitter: chucklyons
File Submitted: 09 Nov 2014
File Category: Premise
Author: chucklyons
Contact: PM

For the one or two remaining souls who visit this forum...
I don't have access to email at work. Rather than walk to my car to check email with my cell phone, I thought I'd incorporate 123's excellent POP3 module to the MiniBrowser.
I also added a few things:
SSL populates the port field with 995 (for true) or 110 (for false)
Entering the account name populates the display name withaccount name and email count
Updated the POP3.dll from OstroSoft
Added the display of the email Body for the jQuery Minibrowser version. (not in the other versions) You get the list of emails; selecting the email will drop down to display the body (see the screenshots)
Modified some formatting
As always, backup and then to install:
Download the .dll from Ostrosoft (I may add this into the zip if I get approval) and put into the SYS directory
Place the two images into the images/IP folder
Import the POP3v2.xdo (note: this also creates a 'valid class' in the Minibrowser module
In the Home, right click and add 'Mailbox'
Select 'Mailbox' and fill in the POP3Server, AccountName, AccountPassword, SSL (true or false)
Modify the MaxMessages and UpdateInterval (defaults are 10 & 15, respectively)
Trigger the update checkbox for the initial loading of messages.
Read and Enjoy!
PM me with issues or questions
As a side note, in the screen shots you'll see I have added Navigation Functionality and incorporated 123's NewsCaster into the MB. To be released in the future.

Click here to download this file
Thanks for sharing!
I really think at some point we need to find a better email solution than 123's POP3 module.
The problem with it is it's a module and not an add-in.  Since it's a module, any delay waiting for a server response will delay execution of all other modules.  This is because all modules in Premise run in a common thread, while add-ins do not.  This delay could be as high as the timeout of the mail server if there's no response.  Usually I don't see a noticeable delay, but when I have Premise send a bunch of emails in a row I do.
Thanks, ETC.

I had looked at integrating an outside developed mail .net component, but it required $$, which I doubted anyone (other than myself) would pay for.

What impacts do you see from the delay? And how much of a delay?

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