[download] Premise UPnP AV Control Point


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File Name: Premise UPnP AV Control Point
File Submitter: John in VA
File Submitted: 20 Jan 2015
File Category: Premise
Author: John In VA
Contact: PM Me

This is a re-release of the UPnP AV control point as V2.x.  It includes updated an UPnP SDK as well support for SONOS devices.  Please read the included version history for other features and installation instructions.

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How awesome -thanks for this!  I don't have any Sonos devices, but have you tried it with any of the newer Oppo players?  I don't have an Oppo player either, but would consider one if Premise could use UPnP to send 1080p mkv files and flac files to it.


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Don't have one either, but the Premise Media server doesn't seem to do so well with Video files in my experience.  You could host the files on a UPNP Media Server and have premise just keep the metadata for it.  The driver supports that.