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File Name: TivoPremiere
File Submitter: chucklyons
File Submitted: 14 Nov 2015
File Category: Premise
Author: chucklyons
Contact: chucklyons

TivoPremiere 1.0.18 is for the AB, as well as the MiniBrowser.
AB provides all of the functionality for the Tivo, including display of the channel number and name
MiniBrowser has the same functionality, with the exception of the channel indicator. As soon as W84 teaches me how to parse AJAX responses :huh:
MiniBrowser uses javascript and CSS3. the js gives direct input without the need to refresh the page. The CSS3 has different mediaqueries which allows different positioning depending on the target device's screen size. For this release there are three sizes:
320 max-width. 321-640 max-width. 641 min-width. which fits an iPhone5, Windows Phone, and a desktop (or maybe a tablet).
CSS3 also allows the use of square images, and then using CSS3 styles, they can be turned into round buttons. Very cool, but what a pain to learn.
I've added a module mbPVR, which includes TiVo as a valid class. It provides error messages for those trying to tie a PVR to a non-TiVo, such as a KODI.
TiVo in the MiniBrowser also provides control over the MediaZone's Volume and Mute. Next version will include dynamic display of volume and toggling of Mute.
As always, backup, backp, backup! Not responsible for errors, global warming, or the weather.
PM me with issues..

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