Driveway gate openers


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First time I've looked into this stuff. I was surprised by the price range. For a single 12' 500lb swing gate... Mighty Mule, Ghost, etc., sub-$800. LiftMaster, Viking, etc. $2000+. Maybe it's "you get what you pay for", but I don't know if I need what you get for $2000. I haven't bought the gate yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be 12'. It won't be anything fancy. Are there hidden costs associated with the cheaper openers? I'm guessing the gate will be opened/closed at most ten times a day, probably closer to five.

Any words of wisdom/experience?
I have a heavy 20 ft slide gate with a commercial Apollo gate opener. It is 6 years old and only has needed occasional battery replacement.

A friend bought a might mule and it broke after a year.

There are a lot of gate openers in my neighborhood. They are frequently broken down. It is a high maintenance item.

Take a look at the Apollo swing openers. They are priced between your two options and are good quality.