Driveway Sensors


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Anyone have any experiences good/bad with this Sure Action Directional Driveway Probe?

My driveway will be getting installed soon and way to make sure I'm prepared.

Most likely will be burying a PVC under the driveway to make sure the coverage is fairly uniform.

If there are any other recommendations, please let me know.

I have a pair of Winland VAL-1 units - needed two to determine vehicle direction. They've been working great for years - never miss. The only problem is false triggers in severe lightning storms.

I have only heard good things about the Sure Action unit. Someone claimed it doesn't have the lightning problem, but I find that hard to believe. I gather that Cartell, Winland and Sure Action have basically similar guts. But the best part about the Sure Action is that the direction determination is built into one unit. If I had to do it again, I would buy the Sure Action.

I highly recommend putting both the wire and the sensor in PVC conduit. One of my sensors went bad somehow, which caused repeating false triggers when it got wet. However, it was a snap to replace the sensor because I was able to just pull a new one. Also, placing the sensor along the side of the driveway is adequate - my driveway is 11 feet wide and it has no problem sensing my motorcycle on the far side.

Thanks Guys.

I ended up going with the Sure Action bidirectional sensor.

I'll keep everyone posted how it goes.

This compiled with a future RFID should allow me to use MainLobby/HomeSeer to notify the homeowner whether the person entering the driveway is a home owner or unknown guest. ;)