DS10A antenna mod?


New Member
Is is possible to extend the DS10A antenna?

I'd like to use it to monitor a mailbox. The mailbox is metal so it won't work inside. I placed it outside but the weather got the better of it so I'm getting another one. Instead of putting it in a plastic box on the outside of the mailbox, would it be possible to put it inside the mailbox and thread an antenna to the back?

Hi flux;

I tried doing this as a test. I put the main box in a metal can and "tried" to extend an antenna (brass rod) out of the box (the rod did not make contact with the metal box.

I failed miserably. :) I think the tuning circuit gets out of whack just trying to extend a wire where I "thought" the antenna coil was.

I think your efforts would best be spent getting a better plastic case and extending the wires to the contact closures from it. I have done this for monitoring two gates outside my home and it's worked out well.

Just my experience.