DS2's 200 Mbps Powerline Technology & IPTV


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There is an Business Wire article explaining why DS2's 200Mbps powerline technology is the only one which is regulatory compliant as it won't interfere with other radio services thanks to the ability to avoid interfering with other radio signals. Pretty interesting read, and it should make people such as HAM operators pretty happy. The article is talking about this product in the context of IPTV, but it is still worth reading.

Dominguez was dismissive about claimed alternatives to DS2... "Alternatives lack the main features required for operator deployment such as multi-cast which is required to interface with IPTV infrastructure, as well as programmable EMI notching demanded by regulators everywhere from the FCC to the European Commission. DS2's dynamic notching is operator aware and any present or future radio bands can be enabled and disabled remotely thus complying with today's or future regulatory requirements automatically avoiding any radio signals in any part of the world". Mr Dominguez placed special emphasis on the radio friendliness of the system.

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