DS924iPET (ITI 60-511-02-95)Wireless Motion


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Is anyone using this detector with the ELK? I came across one and I set it up like my other wireless and this one seems to keep the zone viloated one tripped (zone does not restore once tripped).

I tried all of the combinations of the Options 1 and 2 in RP Wireless setup.
Its Wireless................ The panel sees it and I have another GE Motion already that works fine. That one is a different model number but supposedly this model would work with the CADIX Receiver.
Excuse my ignorance of wireless security interfaces (never used them) but how does the Elk "see it"? Is there a general interface to the Elk from the reciever (via serial port??). Does the receiver get tied into zones somehow?
There is a wireless receiver that connects to teh ELK via a special bus. I have been using it for a year and half with other devices no problem THis motion seems to trip the zone and teh zone is latching even if the panel is disarmed (so you cant arm it since the zone is violated.

I have another motion with no problems but its a different model from GE.