DSC PC1616 Panel and DSC PK5501 Pad can not clear "5" error code


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Our house came with a DSC PC1616 Panel and two DSC PK5501 pads.
The codes were lost so I factory reset the panel.
I have been successful in that the Installers code and master code have been reset to the default values.
I am able to program the PK5501 pad ( gee I love that complexity with all the numbers instead of words ----  not  )
I have a green checkmark for ready but also a yellow triangle error.   
When I press *2  I get the number 5 - which means that there is a sensor or zone issue.
When I press 5 again it is supposed to tell me which zone is at fault but all I get is a blank screen.  I then have to hit ### to get back to the main screen
This is a very simple set up right now with only 4 active zones
zone 1- door set up as a code 01 zone
zone 2- door set up as a code 01 zone
zone 3- door set up as a code 01 zone
zone 4- motion detector set up as a code 05 zone
I went into programing and turned off zones 5, 6, 7 which were labeled as smoke detectors on the sticker inside the panel.
The two pads I have are PK5501's ( the hard to read ones) and they do not have wireless capabilities.  I don't think the wireless smoke detectors were ever integrated into the alarm system.
Also, again I do have a green checkmark and I can arm the system, but it wants to bypass a zone when I do that.
Any help would be appreciated.
Where is your motion sensor relative to the keypads?  Are you in view of it when you are at the keypad trying to arm the system?
When you say you turned off zones 5-7, do you mean you changed the zone definition to 00 for those zones?
You can try disabling one zone at a time for zones 1-4 by setting the zone def to 00 and see if the problem disappears for any of them.  Hopefully, that will give you a hint of where to look further.