DSL Filter


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Is it required to have a DSL filter like this between the M1 and RJ31? I'm guessing it is because when I did "***" to connect thru phone there was a lot of static. I assume it is required but only reason I ask is because old alarm (AT&T 8300) never had one and it appeared to work ok.

If so, Martin, do you have these in stock? I only have RJ11 filters.
Trouble Shooting: Try unplugging the AC transformer and run off the battery. Enter the *** and see if the static changes. I was wondering if any noise could be coming from the switching power supply. If the noise is still there, it is not from the power supply.

I have heard of problems with DSL and security systems, but I do not know of any specific problems on the M1. Someone with more DSL experience than me should comment.