DSL messing up w/M1G

Anyone have a guess as to how they may have wired my home phone line: Installed a new M1G & used the prior phone connection that was on the prior alarm. Since we got DSL the system has not been monitored however and the alarm phone jack was not plugged into the old sytem (which was monitored prior to us buying the home). :eek:

Anyway the DSL is will not connect when wired to the M1G as directed. I have a hardwired network & phone system & works fine when the existing phone jack in the alarm box is NOT plugged in. Plug it in and it messes up the DSL. Not sure how you use a DSL filter w/ this and why it would be messed up running it through the panel. I only expect the panel phone connection to be noisy due to the DSL signal; NOT the DSL no longer working. Not sure how the phone is wired or how to change it since the phone line in the panel does not seem to run to all the other phone lines in the network box. Maybe it runs back to the main phone feed. :(

I did a Cocoon search here and did not pull up anything. Thanks! :D

PS: I got the molex 6 pin serial in the mail already! Will try Monday on the Uplink AnyNet. :D
i had this same issue, there's a few threads somewhere.

Long story short, use a DSL filter before the Elk. You can use either an inline or a whole-house. I got a whole-house one from hometech.com
Yeah, that is strange. Normally like you say, the DSL signal messes up the connection when not filtered, but it doesn't cause DSL issues. I can not guess how the house is wired, you'll have to trace that out, but the 'ideal' setup is - outside phone demarc to whole house filter. Filter has 1 unfiltered leg that runs to DSL modem to feed DSL. Other leg runs to normal phone distribution/alarm panel. Don't forget the RJ31x at the panel too.
I have seen poor installers use a conventional DSL filter at the panel, if you do this you have basically filtered DSL data from the entire house. I have no idea why they have done that as it has no benfit and will cause all DSL installtions with line seizure to fail.

There are DSL filters made specifically for alarm systems that install between your RJ-31x and the control. Although that are much more expensive they are the best solution.
Thanks! Have to look into those. I don't know how long we will stay w/ DSL (had since 2002). Verizon is to have fiber ready someyear; LOL. It has been in the ground out front a year but not running to homes yet. DSL is slow compared to fiber & we could drop DirectTV then too since they will have TV too. Have loved TIVO since 2002! Thanks again. Any other comments appreciated...