Dual Monitors Making me CRY


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I've been using 2 monitors on 2 separate cards for quite some time now, and havent updated the drivers since about this time last year. The 56.72 drivers that I use now work perfectly for what I do, but when I attempt to upgrade to the 71.89 drivers, my second card installs, but the monitor and tv hooked up to it arent detected.

My setup:

AGP Geforce FX-5900XT - Connected to 22 inch monitor
PCI Geforce FX-5200 - Connected to 19 inch monitor
Connected to TV

Nvidia 56.72 Drivers

Both monitors and the tv work fine with the 56.72 drivers, when I right click the desktop and click properties they all show up in the settings tab where they can be arranged.

When I install the 71.89 Drivers, both cards seem to be installed when I look in the device manager, but only the monitor on the 5900xt shows up in the settings tab, and only the 5900xt shows up in 'advanced' in the tab where all the card options such as digital vibrance, color correction, timing, etc are.

I dont know what the difference between the 56.72 and the 71.89 drivers is, other than the fact that they wont work with my setup.

If my computer specs will help I'm running

Athlon XP 2500+
1 Gb PC-442 Mushkin DDR
Abit Nf7-s mobo

I'm open to any sort of suggestions, or if you need more info, tell me what you need and i'll post.

The attachment is what my card options tab looks like with the 56.72 drivers. All options for the 5200 are nonexistant with the 71.89 drivers.


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Have you tried uninstalling all video drivers, do a reboot, and then reinstall the new nvidia drivers?
many many times. I've had limited success with 60 series drivers, but nothing seems to work as well as the 56.72s that I'm using. My primary reason for wanting to upgrade the video drivers is that they dont do so hot with the Source (read HL2) engine, and I cant minimize HL2 or CS:Source without the game crashing. The new drivers would fix that, but if I have to sacrifice dual monitors for that it isnt worth it to me.
I would say it's time to contact nVidia, I did some searching and while I could find some issues with those new drivers, there was nothing about problems such as yours.