Dual Purpose In-Ceiling Speakers


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Throughout my home I have a lot of in-ceiling speakers mainly for whole home audio. Those speakers are currently wired to Sonos Connect AMP's.

In most of my TV rooms, I want the ability to use those in-ceiling speakers as surround speakers, which would need to be connected to my AVR...

I don't want to run downstairs into my rack and swap wires so... could I run a speaker wire from my Sonos Connect Amp AND a speaker wire from my AVR and then tie those two speaker wires together and into the main speaker wire going to my speaker?

If not, looks like a Niles SAS-1 might be an alternative option although I would have to buy one for every speaker pair... which would get pricy.

Appreciate any advice!
Russound and Speakercraft also make automatic source selectors.  One of those is about your only way to effectively shut off one set of audio signals in favor of another.  They're all going to be about the same price.
One point to consider is whether the placement of the speakers is going to be at all 'useful' for TV surround sound purposes.  Or if the 'bleed through' from the ceiling position would result in unwanted noise to other rooms. 
Can you use the whole-house audio as an input to each AVR, for that zone?  Switching done in the AVR.  SONOS Connect has line level outputs (digital), not sure about AMPs.  Maybe a speaker to line level adapter?
I think the auto switcher is the way to go.