Dumbe question on window contacts


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So I'm working on installing my window contacts and am having some trouble. When I drill the 3/8" hole in the window frame to put the sensor in, the hole lines up with the OSB on the exterior of the house, not the inside cavity of the wall. And that's with putting the hole as far inside as I can.

Is this an oddity of my particular windows or is there a "trick" to this? Even if it is an oddity, any suggestions?

What is the wall thickness, 2x4 2x6, Make of the windows, and anyway you can take a pic of it? That's strange. I have done ALOT of windows and never run into that.
2x6 walls. The windows are locally manufactured commercial grade aluminum windows with a thermal break. What I'm doing right now is going ahead and drilling the hole straight through, which ends up outside the house. Then I drill another hole through the OSB and fish the wire through both and tape up the Tyvek I tore. the wire will be behind the Tyvek and brick and no connections are out there so hopefully it will be okay.

Figures my first install would have an issue a pro has never seen before. :)

That really sounds strange. But the way you explain it, you have it under control :) . If by chance you have time to take a couple of pictures of this I would really be interested in seeing this app. Good luck with the install. Sound like you are on the way to having some fun :lol: