Dummy load for vid card TV out?


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I'm considering changing one my cams from video to IP.

Right now, I switch my cams to see what's going on thru the nearest TV. If I go to IP on the one cam, I obviously cannot do that directly.

But, if I were to display the IP cam's servlet on a video card's TV output, I could add that output to my video switcher and still see all cams.

Here's the prob. My video switcher (ASEL) has a very high input impedance and so the composite TV out on the card assumes there's no monitor and won't work until I throw a 75 ohm load (TV monitor) on it. Then I can enable TV out and all is well. If I reboot, I have to switch all the wires around again and re-enable TV out.

Bottom line. Can anyone think of some sort of inline 75 ohm dummy load? If it was a S-video, I could prob just connect a 75 ohm resistor between lumin and chroma and ground. But it's composite.

Did you try putting a 75 ohm resistor across composite out and ground? The high impedance input on the swtcher shouldn't care if you add the 75 ohm load ahead of it. This would be across the input, not in series with it.
Actually, I did not try it, but what the hey. I'll let you know.
Sorry, when I said, "inline", I didn't mean in series. I just meant a load that would stay put between the output and the switcher.

Hi, Jay:

The normal way I would handle this would be to put a T at the end of the line, so that I could plug in a 75 ohm terminator. But I use BNC for everything, and those parts are readily available. I don't know about RCA.
Thanks guys. Sometimes I have a penchant for over complicating stuff.

I combined your 2 suggestions by putting a RCA Y connector on the TV Out.
I hung a cable TV 75 ohm terminator on 1 leg; the other 2 legs are straight-thru from TV Out to switcher.