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Dumping ATT POTS line - port number to google voice?


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Tired of paying $40 a month for a basic line and making several changes to internet and phone providers.  But would like to keep the number as it's tied to lots of things.  I could try to port it to GV.  I fooled a bit with GV and asterisk before they locked it down.  Even bought the newer Obi200 which can still do GV but haven't messed with it.  It's free but may not always be that way.
Or I could add the number to my Vonage account.  I have been a long time customer so have something like $10/month rate they gave me after I told them I was leaving for a better deal quite a few years ago.
Or I could port it to a bring your own device VOIP company.  Think I would be about the same price as Vonage option at $10/month.  And this would work well with Asterisk if I wanted to go that route.
Any reviews or recommendations?


You may want to look into Ooma.  I've been using their service for a long time (nine-ten years or so).  You do have to pay for the initial device (I believe around $80 or so?) and they have a basic and premier service options.  I know of others here that use Ooma as well.  Lots of options including multiple lines, call blocking, forwarding, email messages, etc.  I don't use their mobile phone app at all so I have no idea what that is like.
I especially like the option of only ringing the phone for my contact listing only...and just have others leave a voice message (that gets emailed to me)


Using Ooma here with no issues for a few years.  Added an Obi 202 this past year connecting it to my Google Voice number and it is working great.
BTW you can utilize Ooma with Alexa devices for phone calls.


BTW you need a cellular number to be able to use Google Voice.  GV is free.
Way back did go to the Ooma Premium service with two lines.  Line 2 was Bluetooth and noisy so dropped premium service.
Recently Ooma removed incoming CID unless you went to premium service so now have premium service again.