Duplex Switch


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Several of my exterior lightning are installed using duplex switches in single gang metal boxes. This is a concrete house, so adding new boxes is a huge project.


I want to start replacing them with remotelly controlled switches and/or dimmers. While I could consolidate a few of them into a single switch, some of them share exterior/interior lights (I dont want to turn on the kitchen light at the same time that the patio light). I have been looking for Z-wave, Insteon and UPB switches to replace it and could not find anything. Have not searched X-10 yet (trying to avoid it), but it is an option too.

The only double switches that I have seen from UPB seem to have only one relay for the first button, and control of a remote switch with the second button. So it does not meet my need.

Have anybody seen any candidate to replace this switch either in the existing products or the new ones been anounced this week in EHX?

One scheme might be to replace it with a SmartHome KeypadLinc (X10 or Insteon). That would support controlling one load directly. The other load would be permanently wired "on", then you would add a wired fixture module or a plug-in module or a screw-in module at the load itself (or someplace close to it). One of the secondary KeypadLinc buttons would be configured to control the second load. I believe that UPB has a similar (but not illuminated) keypad.
I agree with Wayne. Just wanted to add that Insteon does not have an in-line fixture module but UPB does. If an in line module would work I would suggest the Simply Automated US2-40 switch and then you have a choice of faceplates that can be a simple dual rocker or up to an 8 button faceplate.

I am curious though - you say it is a concrete house. Are you saying the interior walls are solid concrete or plaster? I have a similar situation but since my walls are drywall I was just going to replace the box with a dual or triple gang.

It would be nice to have a single gang switch that can control 2 separate loads. Martin - if you see this post can you suggest it at the show?
WayneW - I was thinking the same. Ugly, but feasible. In my kitchen switch (kitchen/patio) each switch controls two lamps (two in the kitchen, two in the patio). Since adding a fixture control is not possible (again, concrete work), I would have to buy one screw-in for each lamp. I hope they fit well in the weatherproof lamps. I dont think they will fit my interior lamps.

Steve - I live in the Caribbean (San Juan, Puerto Rico). US experience with big huracanes is recent (Andrew, etc.), but here we have been dealing with them for years. So the buildings are 100% concrete (exterior and interior). Even the ceiling is concrete (usually flat - no problem with snow here). If the structure is not concrete you dont get insurance. Without insurance, you dont get a mortgage. So alternatives to hardwire control are even more critical for us.