DVD Copying?

The "universal favorite" is dvdshrink.org

MainLobby is also currently beta testing their own DVD burn software to work with DVDLobby. This is so anyone barely PC literate can put a DVD in the drive slot and hit a button to burn, which puts it in the right directory with the right syntax, adds the coverart to a directory and then adds it to the DVDLobby database so that the DVD is immediately available for users to search for and play.
Lots of choices out there and they're all pretty good for their own reasons. There's DVDShrink, like David said, but I prefer DVDDecryptor myself.

DVDShrink is good because it can remove subtitles, different audio types, and movie types, and can also do compression leaving you with just what you really watch, the movie.

The reason I prefer DVDDecrypter is because it's easy to write up a quick and dirty script file to rip in ISO mode and copy the entire DVD to disk. In order to use DVDShrink you have to fiddle and play, and then wait for it to re-author. I admit that I do go back and use DVDShrink at a later time to get the files smaller, but initially I prefer the hands off approach.

If you're looking to use this on a HTPC another option for integration with a front end is the Gotcha Covered Video suite and Meedio. It's not out yet but according to the guy who's writing it it will rip a dvd, get the cover art, get the movie info, and will support burning as well. It will cost "around $10 or cheaper if bundled with the Audio Suite."
I concur.

I use both programs depending on what I want to do. DVD Decrypter is faster than Shrink (at least on my end). I just grabbed DVDshrink v 3.2 and made a gml file for use in girder, allowing me to have a one buttonpress rip on myHTPC menu, but DvdDecryptor is what Ill continue to use for that, as its faser and easier to do with girder (DVDShrink has a lot of pop-up windows) and serves its purpose...put the dvd on the hd fast and easy for other users that don't or won't care to know how the program works.

Its really just comes down to preference as both are great programs. DVDshrink can also rip in uncompressed format, but will still re-author it so it can take a while to finish.

Another option that hasn't been mentioned is DVDSmartRipper (or something like that...haven''t tried it though)
Just ripped my 1st DVD with dvdshrink 3.2. Seems to have worked out fine. Took about 21.5 minutes. Don't know if that's long or short since this is my first time. Took about 3.67 Gig. OUCH!!!!!
sounds right, I have used both too and prefer DVDdecryptor when making a real 1:1 copy, or DVDshrink when trying to create a compressed copy. I used DVD decryptor to store my favorite DVD's on my hard drive so my wife and I don't have to get up to switch (heck they are in a box now) when we want to watch a movie, high WAF!
Not meaning to resurrect an old thread but I'm trying to get into DVD ripping. If I use DVD Decrypter what would I use to play it back. Also should I rip in ISO, IFO or file mode? Also if you rip in ISO mode it would be about 10gb per movie, correct?

Thanks for your help.

If you rip in ISO mode, it can be anything between 4gig and 8 gig in size. The nice thing about ISO mode is that you can use Daemontools to mount the ISO, so it looks like the real disc (so you can access the bonus features etc), there is even a plugin for MCE to automate all this stuff, so I am sure that other htpc packages will support this kind of stuff too.
Also, there's a new plugin for Meedio (if you're using it) that will lookup your disc, download the info and rip it to the hard drive all in one step from within Meedio.

It's called Gotcha Covered Video Suite and I believe the first release is just about due out any time.

You can find info on it by searching the Meedio forums.