dvi splitters for multiple monitors


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The flat panel monitors in the kitchen and in the living room both have DVI inputs, and I want to connect them both to my XP MCE computer that is in the basement. Both are running at the same resolution.

So I need some sort of DVI splitter. Searching the web, I find $10 Y cable splitters and $200 active powered splitters.

Can I use the Y cable, or do I need to fork over the money for the active powered splitter to work?
Dunno about those splitters, but before I spent $200 on an active powered splitter, I'd get a different video card with dual-DVI out, and eBay the current one.
Good idea.

My current video card has svideo, dvi, and vga outs. I already use the svideo output for all the old analog tvs. I tried using the VGA, dvi, and SVideo out, but I was never able to get more than 2 of them working at once. I think I read that windows limits you to just 2 of the three. So I chose dvi and svideo outputs.

Are there are video cards lets me use the two dvi outputs and the svideo output as well?
eh, oh. I've never personally tried 3, only two.

I've heard of quad-head cards, but given that I don't do that stuff, never paid attention.