DVR: 8 Channel or Hardware compression


I've been looking at those cards from kit parts (or his ebay ads) and I like the 8 channel (DVR8082) version, but I would never use all 8 channels, so I started looking at the 4 channel with hardware compression ( DVRH264 ) version. Anyone have one of these or know any reason not to use it??? (Driver / software problems? Lousy frame rate? etc...?)
The main thing to look at is the number of frames per second it records (the number is a total when listed, not a number per camera) and the software used to drive it. Many times you can download the software from somewhere and look at it first. There are other things to consider as well (such as contact relays, audio, etc.) but those are the main points to look for.
Yeah, I I emailed them as the 8 port is specific at 240fps across 8, but the 4 port hardware is vague. Not going to use his software though, I had planned on one of the other ones.
Stinger (local member) owns that 8ch card, and I believe he mentioned it was compatible with the BT chipset drivers, so you could use it with most software packages out there such as Active Webcam, etc. The card is rather expensive, but pretty good from what I can tell. He posted more info in this thread. As for the hardware compression, I know there are some issues with the Hauppauge PVR series cards since they have onboard mpeg2 compression, so that card you are talking about might not be compatible with any other software package out there, which would limit your options.