DVR Camera experiment gone bad


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Well the GeoVision GV-650 DVR card is on its way back. I could not get the GeoVision web server to work correctly. I called GeoVision tech support but the tech could not resolve the problem and had to push the problem up the tech ladder. Never heard back. My emails to GeoVison went unanswered.
The fixed infrared camera even with a 1/3" CCD had a poor image (poor clarity and poor color) when compared to the 1/4" CCD Panasonic BB-HCM331A. It was, however, able to produce an image in complete darkness thanks to its 23 LEDs whereas the Panasonic produced a black image. The fixed camera will be going back.
If only the Panasonic had any very low light capability it would be a perfect camera.
I guess I could leave the porch lights on at night.
A DVR card is no longer under consideration. I'll probably get a second Panasonic and go with 2 network pan/tilt/zoom cameras rather than 4 fixed cameras as I had originally planned. I won't have to worry about DVR PCI compatibility or hardware issues.
What about building or buying some type of IR light ring for the camera. The main problem I see it your camera is a p/t/z
The IR ring will not work because color cameras cannot see IR. (Day/Night cameras with built-in IRs switch to b/w mode in low light).

Instead of leaving a light on all night consider a motion sensor for the porch light. I hate to see unnecessary light pollution.

Another option is to use a wired day/night camera with a Panasonic BB-HCS301A
from the panasonic website...

Power Over Ethernet Compatibility PowerDsine ( Power over Ethernet Midspan 3000/6000 Series
when used with Splitter PD-401/12-PAN

do WIFI IP cameras usually have a wired port also? If not I want to know about the power over wifi... :)
ok, looks liks I just found specs on your original camera that defunks the original one I found.. they are both the same for illumination