DVR CARD Hikvision DS-4004HCI


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The good news is that your software fits my card
and I will try it out. I did not had the time for it yet.

but the bad news is that is a demo software.
my guess is that some of the features are blocked.

I have right now another software which came with the card and has more and less the same features.

Trying to make a decision which one of the software's will be the best option for my needs.

My Question is how much will cost me to activate this software for home use with only 4 Cameras

Please send me an E-Mail to
[email protected]
Thanks Ronen
Dear Ronen,
Thank you for your appreciation for our software.
I suggest you could download our test version of software to have a try.
we have sent you a email about the price ,please check that.
I guess you could purchase the software from our co-operator.IF you have have any problem,you can also give us a email to [email protected].
chongqing netvision technology co.,ltd