dyndns.com down?


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Do any of y'all use dynDNS to manage your dynamic IP? I changed over to it last fall from no-ip.com becuase it was supported by my router and IP cameras and was one less thing I had to run on a PC, but I have not been able to reach my domain nor dynDNS' webpage for the past two days.

I have my PC email me it's IP everytime it changes, but it hasn't changed for about 30 days (although I've seen it change several times in a day before, fo figure), and I've deleted the last IP address email it sent me.

Anyway, Is anyone else seeing this? At first I thought my office was blocking the dyndns domain and subdomains, but IE is just giving me the "The page cannot be displayed" screen instead of the normal "shame on you for browsing to a page we don't want you to see" message.

Can any of you access: http://www.dyndns.com ?
Thanks guys! Must be something with my office... I've seen something similair happen before, so hopefully it's temporary - since I'm not getting the "shame on you" screen.

Perhaps I'll setup a second dynamic dns service on one of the IP cameras (I think they support dyndns, DHS, and TZO, so I can have the router do dynDNS, one of the IP cameras do TZO, and another IP camera do DHO so - hopefully - one of the three will always work.

Oh, and I'll save those IP address emails from now on, or have the IP FTP'd to my web host and use that instead of a dynamic dns service to access my pages from within my Joomla pages (although that would require a script that would update SQL, since the URLs for the "wrapped" pages are contained in SQL... but I could have the wrapper load local frames pages that are updated via FTP with the actual IP and address of my HS pages and IP cameras... hmm...)
Electron just PM'd me the IP, so now I can get to my stuff. I'm going to setup DHO and TZO asap!
OK, my office appears to be blocking ALL dynamic DNS services.. I can't get to dhs.org, dyndns.com, tzo.org, or no-ip.com from work.

So, I've setup Jon00's HomeSeer IPUpdate script to do a couple of things:

1. Email me my server's current IP whenever I send HS an email

2. FTP a poop-load of frame pages with the server's current IP to my webhost whenever my server's IP changes, so I can still access my HomeSeer either by typing and easy to remember URL to the frames pages on my host, or by using a wrapper within Joomla. So far I've got it working pretty well.

Hmm, doing this, I could just get rid of dynamic dns services all together! By the way, I did not try TZO at all becuase they do not offer a free service like dyndns.com, dhs.org, and no-ip.com do. Also, since my office is blocking them all, I had to RDP to my home computer using the IP electron sent me and log into those sites from home.

Hopefully, my IP won't change too often so I won't have to edit my rdp settings :)
Remember you can use this link to find out what your public IP address is. The results page doesn't contain any other data, so no parsing is needed.
In Windows 2000/XP:
  • Click the Start button
  • Select Run
  • Enter cmd followed by the enter key
  • In the DOS window, type nslookup jrfuda.dyndns.org and hit enter
That's it. If your work is blocking these free DNS providers, then they must be doing it by domain name. What error do you get when trying to access your machine by your dyndns domain?
Thanks E!

Well, it looks like that they are in fact blocking it:
X:\>nslookup jrfuda.dyndns.org
Server:  ameddcbamc01.bamc.amedd.army.mil

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    jrfuda.dyndns.org
It's funny that their just redirecting it to the localhost, usually if you go somehwhere you shouldn't around here, you get a "shame on you" screen - probably generated by some appliance they have connected to the network.

I guess I'll find out tommorrow as I'm touring our information management division as part of my residency rotation tommorrow.

I also work on a military installation. The DoD is starting to tighten down access to alot of stuff. I just tried my HS access from work using my No-IP address and it's now blocked where it was wide open before. I guess I'll have to start trying other things. But we're pretty limited, as you are too.

so they just blacklisted a few domains, not too big of a deal :)

You can just register a regular domain name, and point that to the IP address. I have been doing this for years, and assuming your IP doesn't change too frequently, it shouldn't be a problem.
For only a few bucks you can register your own domain. It may be worth it. I know that no-ip allows you to setup you own domain.