Eaton Home HeartBeat


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I heard about this system on comp.home automation. It looks interesting for those that might not want a full security or home automation system. It isn't shipping yet. The original poster saw it in "Smart Homeowner" magazine and said the starter kit is $149 with each additional sensor $35-$49.
I am curious on the price of the water shut off to see if it is priced lower than watercop. Looks like a HA starter kit one click above something in flashing BUY X10 HERE!!!! font.
AccessX10 said:
It would be nice to see more HA companies support this functionality.
It should be easy for the HA companies to support this, once they support ZigBee in their software. I believe Eaton's products will have to inter-operate with other ZigBee devices before they can put the ZigBee logo on it.
Dang, I cannot remember every post from back in January! Are you Rupp's brother?
expected to be available in 2005
They may even make their vague delivery estimate :huh: