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Ebyte E32-DTU-433L30 configuration


Introduction : Based on SX1278 chip from SEMTECH, high speed DTU E32-DTU-100 with RS232/RS485 interface, 8V~28V, operating at 410~441MHzfeatures LoRa spread spectrum. It features LoRa long range transmission and effective FEC. Transparent transmission is available. It supports data encryption & compression.
Manual and software attached
Hardware configuration to test and configure
Had an issue finding the correct software to use for programming.  Found it here and it runs great.  Note that the software is for Windows only.  Here used Windows 7.
To get to programming mode both DIP switches must be OFF.
Made both of the devices identical.  ISSUE here: the firmware is different on both of the devices.   
Writing to support to see if I can update the firmware on the one that has the lower numbered firmware.

Pulled power plug and set the two DIP switches to ON.

20th of June, 2019
Contacted vendor Ebyte relating to the two different firmware revisions on the two transcievers.  I asked about updating the firmware.  The contact so far just sent me the manual which I already had. 
Tested on one PC with two terminal windows connected to each of the two devices.  I sent text out via one terminal window and saw the text received on another terminal window and did see the RX / TX LEDs blink.  So this is good.
The RS-232 port on the transcievers is female such that I have used a male / male RS-232 gender changer with no luck using a Temp08 or one of the Cheaper RFID devices.  I am wondering if I have to use a null cable to test.

28th of June, 2019
Purchased a couple of RS-232 null modem adapters to test with this past week.  This are on Amazon for around $6 for a pair.
Used 3 devices to test and all worked fine.
1 - CheaperRFID device
2 - GPS with RS-232 with PPS - NEO-8M GPS Satellite Positioning Module for Arduino STM32 C51 $7.49
3 - Old Temp08 device
I know I have mentioned a few times how I dislike wireless.  That said these devices would work find to extent alarm panel RS-232/485 connections from a main house installation to outbuildings up to 3Km away.
Here is a quickie summary of costs.
1 - LoRa 100mW RS232 RS485 433MHz E32-DTU(433L30) Long Range RF Wireless Transmitter - on Ebay for $18.33 each or $36.00 for a pair
2 - RS-232 standard cables if needed - $6.00 - I use these for standard RS-232 9 Pin connections
3 - RS-232 to USB cables if needed - $2.29 - I use these for connection to Automation USB ports.
4 - RS-232 null modem connectors - $9 or less on Ebay
~ $50.00 USD for a pair and cables required.


28th of June, 2019 - Update
While the LoRa 1000mW RS232 RS485 433MHz E32-DTU(433L30) Long Range RF Wireless Transmitter is working.
Range sucks at about 3 meters so far.  I have written to the company Ebyte about this.
Wondering if it some setting?


28th of June, 2019 - Update 2
1 - incorrectly documented model number.  It is LoRa 1000mW RS232 RS485 433MHz E32-DTU(433L30) tranciever (1 watt 8Km range)
2 - wrong antenna coupler - out is a female sma and antenna type is also a female SMA.  Never noticed this.
Connected a 1/4 wave antenna with a male sma connector and now working great.

Ordered a coupler for antennas from Amazon.


01 July, 2019
Just a quick summary including manual and software.
You can leave it at default 9600 (if that is what you use) and settings or modify each device.
433Mhz Antenna Description

1 - Quarter Wave Length Antenna - 17.2 cm or 6.77 inches
2 - Half wave Length Antenna - ~34 cm or 13.39 inches *

SMA Modem end looks like this:
SMA Antenna to Modem looks like this:


Ebyte E32-DTU-433L30 manual and software download and a generic terminal program for Windows.

Note: configuration program only runs in Windows. (here used Windows 7).