Eco Smart Cree LED 9.5watt downlight at Home Depot $24.95

Many local utility companies subsidize them.
Connecticut stores selli them for $19.97.

They're $24.97 here in Washington.

I price matched them at my local store a while back when they were still $40 locally.
They've got a "limit 10" banner on them now.
I really like these bulbs.
It says they are dimmable. Any experience with these to know how well they dim? Do they hit a certain dimming limit and go off after that? Any noise emitted while dimming (like some other lights)?

I'd love to swap out a set of 15 ceiling lights in a large room in our house. Currently the load is too high to use with any of the normal automation style dimmers. Changing over to LEDs would get the total wattage down considerably and I could get a controllable dimmer for that room.
I spent some time dimming these with a Insteon dimmer, I did not find anything negative, the LED light performed well. So, I bought 23 of these lights
Good things are not cheap, the cost of a regular downlight is about 1/3 that cost or $8.00

With all 23 LED lights on its using 218 watts,

with 23 regular 60 watt bulbs its using 1380 watts almost 6 1/2 times more power.

When you figure the cost savings will pay for its self in a couple of years, its more of an investment.
Oh I know - I bought 33 LED bulbs last year for all our cans. Granted I bought even cheaper ones, but when our electricity hits $.41/kWh, I definitely understand ROI.

I have a spreadsheet set up that I can plug anything into with our current rates to get time to payback with different scales depending on usage, etc - that's how I keep my wife from complaining about cost.
i just bought 50 of these. i am using these with SAI-1140 switches. There is some minor flicker at different levels, but you can easily bump it up/down a notch if you find a specific level where this happens.

I love the bulbs, their clean look, the light they exhibit, the power savings. I will report back a full month bill difference between aug/september. i drove to CT (from NY) and used a 10% lowes coupon. max 20 per customer. went in and out of store 3 times.
I've had great experiences with these bulbs.
Great dimming profile, and good light color, the right "warm" color.
they are rated 100% to 20% dimming. They probably go a bit lower, no real flicker. When they get to the bottom of the curve they just go out. I have two of the 4" versions in my over kitchen sink cans. These flicker a bit when dimmed and there is UPB traffic, but I suspect it's the switch not the bulbs themselves. The other bulbs I had int here did the same thing.
They work great with SA dimmers.
I replaced every can light in my house except the ones on the cathedral ceiling (angled trim rings) with these, 50+ bulbs.
I have 3 outside in my porch cans (covered from the elements) the outside temps (slightly) below freezing and damp northwest air haven't affected them adversely.
Ouch - nothing like dropping $600 in light bulbs at once!

I struck a deal with someone off eBay for $1100 to buy 12 6" recessed lights and 31 4" recessed lights. Some states heavily discount these bulbs, whereas in Southern California, the 4" downlights were $50 each at the time. Yes, this was very expensive. When you then include the $1200 that I spent on a full set of Insteon swtiches and keypads, it was ridiculously expensive.
I know the feeling - my house has about 67 light switches in total ^_^
Plus I have 3 CIM's, the W800RF32, 2 appliance modules, and about 6 lamp modules, and a couple phase couplers.

Nice deal though - you'll love it!
Just keep saying . . . . . it's just a hobby, it's just a hobby! (Who counts what they spend on their hobby.)