Is the hardware they recommend the best out there for a PC HDTV PVR ? I currently don't have an HDTV feed but hope to get a satelite feed later this year (VOOM or Dishnet) and sure don't want to be limited by the broadcast flag. If there is a better card which one?

This is the link to their reccommendation:

That's indeed one of the better ones and is Linux compatible. You can get HDTV now using an OTA antenna, so no need to wait for a satellite feed.
LOL - well if you do a mapquest on Delphos,KS you will quickly see why I want satalite. I can barely get regular broadcast TV let alone any HDTV feeds. I looked closer at this card and it only has Svid or OTA feeds. So I need a diff card that offers an input from a sat box that is HD.
THanks, tho.

There aren't too many of those out there, and the ones that are out there are barely supported.