EHExpo - group dinner?


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The biggest annual US Home Automation show is coming soon. Who is going to be there?

I would like to try an organize a group dinner for Cocooners. The Expo already has a reception planned for Thursday evening. So what do y'all think of a dinner meeting on Friday evening?

I was thinking of trying to get a private banquet room at a Golden Corral steakhouse/buffet about a mile from the convention center. Any other opinions or suggestions?
Feel free to cross post this invitation to other maillists, forums and newsgroups. Lets see if we can get a nice sized group of enthusiasts.
Bummer. I don't think I'm going to make it this year. Have a couple of drinks and scarf up some goodies for me. :angry:
Krumpy, Mario and I at least will be at the show. Not sure if all of us can make the dinner like we did last time, but hopefully we can. Make sure you stop by the Cinemar booth while at the show and say HI!!!!
Just found out I was going to the EHX Show in Orlando, so I would like to attend the dinner and meet everyone. Chris Whitworth, the touchscreen designer, will also attend.
Cool, I guess I assumed you would attend, unless you had a conflict. Glad to see Chris is joining, anybody else from Elk or other vendors is welcome to join as well.

As a reminder to the rest, free expo registration is still available until March 3rd. It looks like it will be a small crowd this year, so far I haven't gotten any response from any of the cross postings.
bump, because I know there are some people that have indicated they will be attending EHExpo but haven't signed up here yet (which I need for tracking purposes). All are welcome to join us for dinner Friday, but I would like to get an advance count. FYI, I live just outside Orlando. If anybody needs any local info, please post here or PM/email me.
I'll be at the show but not sure if I will be able to make the dinner. I am certainly interested in meeting up with other user's though.