EHExpo - group dinner?


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The biggest annual US Home Automation show is coming soon. Who is going to be there? Anybody interested in a group dinner?

Free registration for the Expo, Thursday-Saturday, is available until 02/09/2007.
Since Cinemar's and Automated Outlet's booths are across the aisle from each other, that would be a good meeting spot.
It's official. I am going this year. I already have my Non-Refundable round trip tickets booked. I will arrive early on the 8th and my flight out is early on the 11th. So if we did a group dinner then after the show on the 10th is probably the best time for me. I am bringing my wife.

I still need to get a Hotel and Car. So if any of you already have a hotel booked and want some extra company then let me know where you are staying and I see if they have rooms available still.

I am very excited.

Funny Story/Sad Story,

My father recently moved to canada and had a baby. I did not know it at the time I booked my flight but he is planning to bring his baby here on March 10th to have him baptised. Two minutes after I booked the flight is when he called to tell me. Whew! I nearly missed EHX again this year. I have been trying to go for 3 years now and something is always in the way. Not this time tho. I feel bad for standing up my father because it was our idea for him to have a second baptism ceremony here in the states. Not much I can do now tho. I am not missing my flight to FL this year.
DavidL said:
Since Cinemar's and Automated Outlet's booths are across the aisle from each other, that would be a good meeting spot.
I was thinking of something more personal like a quiet dinner. But in the middle of the crazzy show floor is just as good for me also.
I just booked my Hotel. I will be staying at the Clarion. It has a nice(from looking at the pictures) resturant inside. Not saying that we should make that the dinner spot. I just thought I would through it out there if anyone else is looking for a nice hotel. I got it off orbitz for $79/night for a king size bed.

I am so excited about this trip. I know Digital cameras are allowed but are video cameras allowed?

Where did you guys have in mind for dinner?

Now all that I have left to do is reserve a car and I will be set. Oh, and I still need to find someone to watch the kids but thats a minor detail. ;)
Spanky said:
Try to avoid the awards banquet night.
Getting an award? ;)

The awards dinner is Friday night at 6. I suspect the dinner won't be done before the Bruce Hornsby concert starts around 8.
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DavidL (Cinemar)
Spanky (Elk)
Martin (AutomatedOutlet)
dhoward (PowerHome)
lpott (Larry in Denver)
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I'll be there again this year. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

I arrive late Wednesday and leave early Sunday.