EHExpo next week


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The west coast EHExpo is next week. Elk will be in booth 850. HomeSeer and Applied Digital are not on the exhibitor list.

Will Elk have any new products to show? Any "show specials"? Are any Cocooners attending (other than David)?
I've got my pass and only live a few hours away, but may be traveling to the East coast for work for at least part of the week.

Come by the Elk Booth at EHX. I will let you bend my ear and tell me what we are doing wrong!!

Oh yea, everyone else is invited also!!!!
I got my schedule worked out and will be at the expo Thurday afternoon.

Spanky - I'll stop by the Elk booth to introduce myself and check out the products (don't currently have any Elk stuff installed and anxious to ask a few questions).

Martin - Would enjoy meeting you if possible. If you catch this and can hookup sometime Thursday between 1-6pm please email me paul@pksweb(dot)com

Anyone else planning to be around Thursday afternoon???

I got this via email from Amy:
Attention M1 Enthusiasts!

There will be 2 training sessions at EHX in Anaheim - November 9th and November 11th. Our booth, # 850, will also have 4 live demos run by a very knowledeable staff including some of the key developers of the product. This will be a great opportunity for you to find out everything you ever wanted to know about M1Gold, M1EZ8, the peripherals, and the partner manufacturers.
Thanks Wayne,

I got a reply from Elk and will meet up with them at the booth.

Wish that HomeSeer, ADI and Cinemar were making an appearance... would be nice to meet them.

My time there will be short so will have to make good use of it. Aside from Elk, I'll also make a point to stop by Smarthome and would like to see some UPB stuff. Will take a better look at the exhibitor list later today.

Anyone else have recommendations for "must see" booths?

Paul, it would have been great to meet you too at the show. Cinemar does plan to get a booth at the EHX Orlando show the end of March 06.
In retrospect, Cinemar probably should have at least gone to the show.

but, we're giving you plenty of notice to get discounted airfare to Orlando!

Hope to see you there!
You can also get a glimpse of the Elk Plugin for Cinemar at the Elk booth. They should have all the files for to demo it. There's also a coupon (At the Elk Booth) for show attendees to pick up the plugin and other select cinemar products at a discount.

If I stay on-track with opening the HA integration business next year I will definetly travel to FL for EXH in March. I'm hoping that HomeSeer will attend with a booth too as I think they did last year in Indianapolis??? See you then...


Elk will be one of my first stops... thanks for the heads-up about the discounts. I guess this means they will have the new touch screen on display too? I'm not an Elk owner yet, but dreaming up lots of ideas on how to use them. Looking forward to seeing the stuff and asking a few questions!

If anybody can get by the Elk booth on Wednesday, check out the Elk booth and see what the show specials are please.
Wayne, copied from here (6 posts down) is what David said in chat:

Buy an M1 Gold System 4 package at the show and get either:  Additional 28 inch structured wiring box or Two Day Training in Hildebran, NC, basic and advanced course, two days training,  with two days room and meals included.  Also buy a battery tester and get a case of batteries, 12 V 5ah or 8ah. Transportation not included.

Of course they could surprise ya and do something in addition. Would be nice to have a show special for existing customers in addition to new ones I suppose.

Edit: Actually, I'd love to hear any specials from Simply Automated as well :huh:

I know we talked about meeting at 1 PM. I'll plan to be at the Elk booth at 1. I'll also have my cell phone on - 214-912-6430.