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I started a picture gallery from EHXpo for those of you that could not make it. I will post various pics each evening. So far the Expo part is not open, only conference sessions which are not too exciting to see pics of. The gallery can be found HERE. Tomorrow night should have better pics from the show floor. Some pictures are not great because I was refraining from flash in order not to disturb sessions. Enjoy - wish you were here!

Yes! Thanks for posting... dissapointed that I'm not there to meet everyone!

Enjoy the expo and keep the photos coming.

Safe travels to everyone who is attending...

New pictures added. Starts on Page2 with EHX1. Didn't get much on Expo floor today, was in Audio Boot Camp - hopefully more tomorrow.
Ok, Friday update. There is a sub album on first page from dinner at Barry Gordon's house. A BIG thanks to Barry for hosting the party. His house is awesome and so was the food and company. The rest of the pics start on Page 4 with EHX2. I'll try to get more generic stuff from the floor tomorrow. There was a lot of high end stuff, not too much in the way of DIY. Tons of audio & video! Enjoy.
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The final pics are posted. Starting with EHX3 on page 6. Hope you enjoyed.