EHX Logistics & Requested Research


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Creating a thread to coordinate drinking (eh, dinner) logistics during EHX, also any vendors youse guys wanna have the folks there research.

For those who've attended these beforehand, when & where is a good time to tell folks to meet up? 6:00pm @ the AO Booth, or is that too late & too wacky inside?

I'll update this first post with the list of vendors & who's taking point on them. I'll put my list up shortly.
If somebody who is going would be willing to post what they see, I would be interested in any info on the following:

New touch screens from HAI that use IP cameras (instead of the existing camera hub) and also have built in intercoms.

The new Insteon touch screen from Interactive Electronic Systems.

Any details on HSTouch, both software and screens.

Any new Elk M1 products.

The new ISY-99.9 from Universal Devices

Anything on SimpleHomenet EZIO6I and EZIO4O

* Almost forgot the most important!

Any info from Logitech/Slim Devices on the new JIVE remote for Slimserver.
FYI - I had to push my arrival back to Wednesday ~3:30pm. This damn work thing is really getting in the way. If you're interested in dinner/drinks Wed night/EHX Mixer, PM me and i'll give you my cell phone #.

I'll bring a camera along to take some pics of, uh, Mike's touch screens. I may need to ask the booth babes to hold them steady for the best quality pic(and no, Martin, you don't count as a booth babe).