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I was at the show yesterday for about 6hrs and left feeling a little underwhelmed. Attendance seemed way down from EHX last year in Anaheim. I think the Long Beach convention center may be larger so its possible things were just spread out more, but while most booths had a steady trickle of visitors, just didn't seem to have the energy or charisma of previous shows? Input from vendors working the show seemed to confirm this...

Spent a lot of time at the Automated Outlet booth catching up with Martin and also got the opprotunity to meet and visit with Jim Houston, Wayne and Steve which was a real pleasure. Cinemar has a nice display at the AO booth so it was good to meet David & Dave and see some of the things they are working on. Thier products seem to attract a fair amount of attention. Staff from many of other booths had to try and wrangle people in to have a look at their goods, but passers by the Cinemar display would often glance as they walked past, and then double back to ask questions and see what it's all about.

At Elk's booth I got the chance to meet a few new faces and also play with the new arming station and see a demo of the Russound interface on the Touchscreen as well as full motion video from an IP camera... neat stuff. Our good friend Spanky got a "get out of trade show FREE" pass so wasn't in attendance this year.

As mentioned in another post, Smarthome's booth had just a small display of Insteon and it seemed thier focus was signing up new dealers and displaying a number of other products which is a switch from last years booth which was almost entirely an Insteon display.

I was dissapointed at Russound's booth... the two things I wanted to see (VM1 video switch and the new A-Bus system) were both there as promised, but were both only static displays. I really thought they would have a working VM1 to show by now...

Another stop was by the Leviton booth to get a demo on Vizia... they had all the bits on display (dimmer switch, relay switch, plug-in module, scene keypad & group keypad) but I wasn't really that impressed with the fit & finish and more importantly the feel of the switches. This is an area that Leviton usually has nailed down and it left me dissapointed. I know these devices aren't really in production yet, so maybe some improvements will be made? I had plans to track down the Z-Wave Alliance booth, but never got there.

Rest of the time was spent doing meet & greet with a few vendors and then it was time to face LA traffic on the drive home.

I did not get a "get out of trade show FREE" pass. I got a "stay at home and get some work done" assignment.

Glad to hear the show was overall good.
Sorry you got stuck working! Was looking forward to seeing you again...

Did get to chat with Melissa who's I've talked with on the phone several times in the past.

Hope your assignment is going well...

pkoslow said:
Another stop was by the Leviton booth to get a demo on Vizia... they had all the bits on display (dimmer switch, relay switch, plug-in module, scene keypad & group keypad)
What exactly is the difference between the two keypads?

And did they confirm a January availability date?

I asked the same question... from what I could understand it seems that the group controller (keypad) only addresses groups of other lights for manual on/off/dim control.

The scene keypad allows for actual 1-button scene control applying different dim levels to multiple lights.

If you've not been to one of these trade shows yet, it's VERY common that 9 out of 10 exhibitors you talk to will know very little about the products. In most cases there will be that one guy or gal that knows the answers, it's just a matter of waiting while they ask around to find someone that does knows what they're talking about (provided you're patient enough to wait).

Paul, It was a pleasure getting to meet you and enjoyed the chat. Continued success with Santa Barbara Smarthomes.
Bummed that I missed y'all today.

I signed up and went to walk in and found they wouldn't let my 8-year-old son in with me. :(

At least we had fun at Borders together. :eek:

I hope I catch up with y'all next time!
Nice report Paul, it was as if I was actually there :(

I agree with your comments about the Russound VM1only being a static display given it expect release in Q1 2007! Are they still talking Q1?

Elk didn't have the new temperature sensor showing did they or was that what Spanky was working on back at the ranch :eek:

Thanks for the post.


Great to finally meet you in person. Looking forward to working with you on a future project!

Cinemar thanks Martin of AutomatedOutlet for being a gracious host.
It was also nice to meet Jim of AO as well as Steve and Wayne!
Thanx for all the help and company at the booth!

Cinemar, Inc.