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eKeypad v2.12.2 is now available on iTunes


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eKeypad v2.12.2 is now available on iTunes
We have had a few releases since the last forum update (v2.10.0) but the list of changes in eKeypad  v2.12.2 is a big one.
It has kept us very busy, sequestered at times and even now I am watching another sunrise.
We have also created a twitter feed to help push information on issues, upcoming releases and new features. Follow us at @eKeypad.
Below are some of the new features you will find in eKeypad.
- Numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes throughout the iPhone and iPad interfaces.
- Changes to almost all visual components in preparation for the upcoming iOS 7 release this fall.
- Added network failover functionality with configurable failover techniques.
- Added ability to place a link to item lists (lights, programs, etc) to favorites.
- Enhancement to on/off switch so it can be used to both snap or use the default fade rate .
- Added full consolidation mode (fully integrate multiple systems together in the interface).
- Added high security image pass code option to lock screens (35 images instead of 10 digits).
Blueprint Module
The blueprint module has received a LOT of enhancements allowing it to be used to create not only floor plan based interfaces but completely custom interfaces that can embed any eKeypad screen including the favorites screen or even live video streams. Attached are a few screen shots that show some examples of the new capabilities.
- Added ability to embed item lists onto a blueprint screen
- Added ability to embed the favorites list onto a blueprint screen
- Added ability to place blueprint icons into 1 of 5 layers to control overlapping
- Added ability to add an optional drop shadow (size configurable) to individual icons
- Added new motion, alert and warning icons to blueprints
- Added ability to add a background color in addition or instead of background image
- Added ability to resize, rotate and crop background images
ISY Module
- Bug fix for issue that could cause items to disappear after a re-sync was performed
- Added support for hidden devices (names starting with "~")
Elk M1 Module
- Expanded detail in M1 log messages
- Added option to managed user codes in the M1 (contact support to enable)
- Added "Night Instant" and "Stay Instant" arming modes
- Enhancements to make systems in an alarm state more visible by flashing arm indicator and system name red
- Added 2second pulse control for outputs and lights
IP Video
- Added Panasonic WV-SW174W PTZ
- Added Toshiva IK-WB770A
- Added Geovision GV-MFD220
- Added Digital Watchdog VMAX Flex, VMAX 480 and VMAX D1 DVRs
- Added Bosh NDC-255
- Added HikVision DS-2CD7164-E
- Added Axis P5532-E PTZ
- Added All Vitek ENVI cameras (9 models)
- Enhancement to display indicator when new images are displayed
- Enhancement to display image size names instead of resolution ("D1" instead of "704x480")
- Enhancement to automatically hide PTZ control overlays if not touching screen
- Enhancement to allow for fullscreen mode in video viewer
- Enhancements to allow for better RTSP streaming over remote connections


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