Electric Floor Heat and Omnipro II


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We are converting our garage's tandem bay into a mudroom and are putting in electrical radiant floor heat. There's a long story here, but it suffices to say that the rest of the house uses water radiant heat and that was too expensive to extend. Therefore, my electrician bought and installed two of these: 
He had thought that we could just use an Omnistat 2, so the system would tie into my Omnipro II. However, the Omnistat is only low-voltage and doesn't support the power to the electric pads. 
Has anyone else run into this problem? Any suggestions for something that'll tie into the Omnipro and/or Omnistat?


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Had these in the past. You can get the SunStat Command Programmable Floor Heating Thermostat and use OmniPro to control a relay to switch between Home/Away modes on the thermostat.