Electron, About the Real Player Feeds


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Electron i know you told me that the following is the direct address to the feeds but im having a hard time beleiving it still


When i connect to the feeds using that address i can only connect to one feed at a time via my web page. I know that its not possible for all 10 feeds to be playing through the same stream and get broken into individual feeds in the asp. The asp page must be calling up another adress where the feed is hosted.

The closest i can get to this address is rstp://

When the feed times out it gives me a warning saying that address timed out. I think that im missing the RAM file name at the end of that address. Im not really sure tho.

In order for me to be able to view multiple feeds at once on my own page i need to either know the direct address or i need to use IFRAMES. I dont want to use IFrames and am trying to avoid them at all cost. So how can i find out the direct address to all the feeds on this site: http://www.chart.state.md.us/TravInfo/trafficCams.asp

If there are not more direct feeds can you explain to me how that is possible?
Finally figured out how to download the file its titled video.ram Still unsure of the direct address its using but im working on it.
open the video.ram file in notepad, then you will see:


the first link is the stream
Thanks for responding... I can't figure out whats going on tho. I used that as the stream and i even added video.ram to it also and it didnt work. Anyone know why it doesnt work?