Electronic House August 2006


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In got around to reading the August Issue of Electronic House and in the article on home control they had a spearate box dedicated to lighting control systems. All the big hardwired systems were mentioned like Lutron, Litetouch, Centralite plus some of the wireless or powerline systems.

Representing UPB were Simply Automated and Powerline Control Systems and Z-Wave had Cooper and Leviton. But there was no mention of Insteon.

Has Smarthome failed at getting the word out about Insteon? For something that is supposed to be the next hot technology, its absense was curious, especially in a magazine dedicated to, well an Electronic House.
Does SmartHome advertise in Electronic House? I know Leviton does as do some of the hard wired lighting companies.
Electronic House does no cater to DIY at all. They used to have another mag that included a little DIY stuff, but they replaced it with some absolute piece of c*** about "Automated Lifestyles" or something in that vein. The EH answer to any problem/installation question is "Hire a pro". Circuit breaker tripped? Call an electrician. Need to automate your driveway lights? A $$$$$$ Crestron system is EXACTLY what you need. Need some music in the house? Hire the New York Philharmonic.

They even seem to dislike even the lower priced professionally installed systems. It's like the Architectural Review that shows houses that 99.9999999% of the public cannot afford. EH showcases high-end systems installed in multi-million dollar houses, so any technology that doesn't fit into that spectrum gets short thrift.