Electronic Schematic Wanted


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I have a need to generate an IR light about 300 to 350 feet away in a location where it is impossible to run a wire. So I want to build a simple rf remote control circuit that will allow me to push a button from location 1 and trigger the IR at location 2 for only a few seconds. Sounds like a simple circuit but I am not the engineering type. Can anyone help me out?
Do you have mains AC power at the remote location? The RF receivers generally take mains AC power because they draw more current.

If you have the power supply, there are several solutions of RF receivers with a relay output. One of the distributors on Cocoontech should be able to fix you up.
It is pretty much open aire. There is about a 10ft by 10 inch thick wood barrier and about a 6 foot mound of dirt but I could mount the antenna above that if I had to. I know 300 feet is a lot which is why I was hoping to get a schematic. Chances are whatever I make won't be legal. But I will only be transmitting for a second and the location is on a huge peice of private land which is about 10 mile wide and 20 miles long.

The full story is that we use an infared detector to trigger a radar system when a large flame is seen. But for calibration we always have to have one person at the IR detector and one person at the radar computer. I was hoping that instead of having two people I could build a remote control with a long enough range that I can trigger the radar from the computers location.
Maybe look into remote controlled airplane parts. I bet you could do something like use this system to toggle an external relay.
I was testing a GE ITI Security Control this past week and measured over 1200 feet open air from one of the GE ITI Door and Window Transmitters. For sure that system has the range as long as you do not have interference at 319.5 Mhz.