Elk 2 Way Listen In Help & Telephone Self Monitoring

I have an M1G which I am self monitoring through M1XEP emails and a cellular system with an HAI c3.
I would like to add two way listen in to my system and I noticed that Elk has two different systems (TWA and TWI - the 'A' in TWA seems to stand for Amplified).
I currently do NOT have my ELK-73 Speaker connected to Output 1 as I found the voice announcements from the Elk to be very poor quality and hard to understand.  Rather I have the ELK-73 on Output 2 and I am using a PC with Elve and Inova's TTS voices to provide zone announcements/weather updates/CallerID annoucements etc.
The PC with Elve is outputting sound to a number of Elk Flush Mount Speakers which, again, are not connected to the Elk.
1.  Based on the above, if all I want to do is add listen in capability through the flush mount speakers would I be looking at the TWI or TWA?  I was thinking of going with the TWI and taking OUT1, converting to Line Level Out and then passing the audio through the PC BUT then if the PC goes down I would lose the Two Way functionality.  A less favorable alternative would be to go with either the TWA or TWI and run parallel speakers but I don't have extra wire pre-run for that plus it would look silly to double up on my speaker count.  Can someone please help explain the differences and what would be best in this situation? 
2.  Also, I know with the M1G, I can start a listen in session by calling the panel BUT if the panel calls me because of an alarm condition, can I also initiate the listen in session from that phone call?
3.  Lastly, I have not set up custom voice messages for different zones being the source of an alarm, but if I do, is there a way to capture the first zone that triggered an alarm and then either have the Elk send a custom message?  For example, if someone breaks in through the patio door and then sets off some interior sensors that are not followers I would want the Elk to call me with a custom message that says "Alarm Condition - Patio Door" or something similar.
I think you're confusing the application. Where the sound is technically output isn't important, however the sound needs to be muted when a 2 way session begins, and the panel does that with the dedicated 2 way module.
1.The TWA is for adding more speakers for outputs, in addition to mics, the TWI is generally just for adding listen in, not speakers. To add 2 way, you'll need to add the mics, which require another pair of wires.
2. That is how 2 way audio works, no different than if a CS operator enters a valid command, however it's only after a valid CS communication that the panel holds the line.
3. Depends on how you have the panel programmed and application, but in the case of custom messages, there's a finite amount of recording space and time.


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I just installed a TWA (have a never-used TWI if anyone wants to buy it).
Here is my question: Does G15-G18 affect the TWA? They are labeled: "Output 1 volume upon initial alarm", "Output 1 Maximum siren alarm", etc. And I know each of the three zones on the TWA has a potentiometer to adjust volume level, but I would think it would still be desirable to be able to specify an initial and maximum volume. I have experimented with G18 and it does not seem to have any effect on the speakers connected to my TWA.
DEL - thanks for the follow-up. 
I think that all I will need is the TWI as I just need to add in the listen in.
My plan is to do the following: (please critique if it won't work)
1. Add TWI and wire the microphones back to the board.
2. Use my 4 relays from my M1RB to switch audio between the computer which handles my Text to Speech announcements and the Elk M1 as follows:
    ELK OUTPUT1 (Amplified) + to common on Relay 1.  Normally Open on relay 1 to speaker + lead
    ELK OUTPUT1 (Amplified) - to common on Relay 2.  Normally Open on relay 2 to speaker - lead
    Amplified computer output + to common on Relay 3.  Normally Closed on relay 3 to speaker + lead
    Amplified computer output - to common on Relay 4.  Normally Closed on relay 4 to speaker - lead
I think by doing this, in normal state without any relays energized, the computer will always have control of the speakers (5 X SP12Fs).  When an alarm goes off (or even better, if there is a WHENEVER TWO WAY VOICE IS INITIATED rule) I would energize all four of these relays (maybe energize relays 3 + 4 first, then wait a couple of seconds then relays 1 and 2).  This should disconnect the computer's amplifier and connect the speakers to the M1 Output 1 which is what will carry the listening in party's audio from the TWI.
If there is a better way to do this, please let me know!
RICHARDU:  Can you please tell me why you went with the TWA rather than the TWI ultimately?  Do you have a lot of extra speakers and needed the extra amplification?
DEL: I recognize that the TWA adds amplification as well as the listen in capability, but it also seems newer than the TWI.  Will the TWI be just as good at the listen in function as the TWA?
Thank you!
Sorry, one last question on microphones.
I see Elk offers an M1TWSF Flush mount speaker/microphone combo.  This is what I was going to go with as it would replace my SP12F speakers in the three spots I want to add two way listen in.  However Elk also offers a standalone microphone ELK-M1TWM.
What is odd is that the M1TWM costs around $23.00 whereas the M1TWSF (with speaker/grill etc.) costs around $21.00.
Given that the speaker/microphone/wall plate combo is cheaper, is there something missing that will not work with the M1TWI?  Is the M1TWM a better microphone?  The pictures seem to indicate that there is some electronic board with the TWM, unsure what comes wth the TWSF.


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I have about nine speakers. I wanted the ability to adjust volume by group and to mute groups without worrying about load balancing via the relay method.
In looking at your plan, I would choose to give normal (default) control of the speakers to the alarm. If you had an alarm condition and for some reason the rules failed, you might be unaware of the alarm.
I had thought of that however there is another ELK-73 speaker on OUTPUT 2 so under any circumstance I would know about the alarm condition.  I went this route as it meant that the relays would be unenergized 99.9% of the time as I would only switch over to OUTPUT 1 when using the Two Way Listen in.
Do you have your two way hooked up yet?  What microphones are you using?  Does the system mute OUTPUT 2 when a two way call begins?  Also if you have the panel set to call you with an alarm condition (delivering a voice message), can you initiate the two way from that call or do you need to call the panel back?


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Have you considered simply configuring a few custom emails which send a SMS message to your cell phone? Your cell phone email address is typically your phone number @ carrier specific domain. I also have a camera connected to my Elk which I have configured to send me a picture message to my cell phone as well. I then use the mobile eKeypad Pro app to remotely log into my Elk which with the latest version allows you to view the alarm log. No additional hardware required. Just purchase one of Jayson's eKeypad apps that interface with the Elk which automatically retrieves your Elk configuration once you provide the Elk IP address and authentication. If you set up a DYDNS and forward port 2106 you can access your Elk from anywhere in the world.