Elk-800 & multiple Echo speakers ...


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I want to use 2-3 Elk Echo-70 speakers to provide my halloween sound effects. Since the speakers will be in different locations, far apart from each other, can I just wire all the speakers back to the Elk-800 amp, or do I need to folllow the diagram you can find in the manual?
If the volume is not set all the way up, you can use 3 speakers in parallel with no problem. We have tested down to a two ohm load but using a limited volume setting.
How would I know if the load is too big, does the sound get distorted, or do I look for smoke signals? Thanks!
Yes on both questions.

The audio amp on the ELK-800 will get hot and start shuting down, distorting the audio. Smoke is another good clue!!! The black smoke is the color to worry about. The distinct smell of silicon burning is a dead give away.

Happy Halloween. ;)
I ended up using 2 speakers (ran out of wire), and they performed awesome, very loud, and they didn't sound bad at all, I was actually using them for music.