ELK 900-2 "B" Connectors


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Regarding the ELK-900-2 "B" connectors. I have not seen this type of connector before. Seems very nifty. No stripping the wires - place wires into connector - squeeze with a plyers. Correct? Why have I been using wire nuts for household wiring? I assume these would work better.
When do you use gel filled 902-2?
The B connectors only support smaller gauge wire and I'm guessing are only rated for low voltage. The gel filled ones would be used outdoors or any locations where moisture and hence corrosion may be a factor.

There actually is a push in type connector you can use instead of a wire nut for A/C wiring in your house. I tried them when rewiring for my touch screen. You can see a pic of it here. They are at the top.
The B Connectors were designed for telephone station wire connections. I suggest you strip your wires, twist them then insert into the B Connector and crimp with lineman's pliers.

Some wire's insulation does not pierce easily and may have a poor connection, so I suggest you strip the wire to make sure you have a good connection.

Gel filled connectors help keep moisture out of the connection. They are a better solution even though the gel can be a little messy if you squeeze it out.
ineman pliers are thicker than regular pliers, making it easier to grab a bunch of wires and twist them together.
I actually have 2 of these but did not know they were call lineman's pliers. Thanks.