Elk-930 and Diode based doorbells?


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I think i know the answer based on Spanky's response to a prior post and fast/slow looptimes, but just to make sure:

we have one of those annoying play your choice of tune doorbells where there is a diode installed on the switch at the door so as to continue supplying voltage to the sound unit after it's pressed.

I'm assuming that the 930 can handle a sustained voltage ? Would it trigger it's output to a zone input in one short suration (requires fast looptime) or sustain it as well (ok with slow)?

The ELK-930 triggers an open collector transistor output when the door bell button is pressed. A relay can be connected to the open collector transistor output to do whatever you want. As long as the door bell button is pressed or current is sustained through the circuit the output is active.

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