Elk 930 Doorbell Unit only triggers with long doorbell push


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I have installed the ELk 930 to M1G. A front doorbell and two rear doorbells. All is working fine except that for the M1G to recognize a "Non Secure" condition  for the zones that the 930 is connected to and subsequently run rules, the doorbell buttons must be held longer than the average person would hold them. About double the length. Then the rule runs.
Any solutions out there? Or do i have to hang a sign outside that says press and hold the doorbell? lol
Seems a bit odd that the 930 which is designed to work with the Elk cant maintain the non secure condition long enough for the M1 to recognize it. 


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The output of the 930 is only active for as long as the button is pressed. I don't believe it stretches the pulse.
Do you have the zone configured for fast loop response or slow loop response?  And what are the response times set to?
Default would be slow loop response, with 400 ms.   That's a bit longer than most people press the button for.


Personally here went to using the ELK 960 combo with ELK 930 circuit boards which you can adjust a bit.  With this it triggers once only in a span of time.
Originally my issues related to the doorbell button getting wet.  I switched to an outdoor LED sealed button which fixed the getting wet issue and adding the debounce circuit to prevent long presses or continuous presses. 
I had a similar issue with the mail box door sensor and did the same.  Add the ELK 960 circuit board.  You have to add a 12VDC line here too so ran another 22/2 wire from the alarm panel.


Agree.  If the fast loop response setting Ral suggested doesn't work go with Pete's suggestion of using the 960 timer with the doorbell detector.  It's important to wire it exactly as shown (this combo is also suggested with the documentation that comes with it).
It may seem expensive and yes, you could probably use less expensive 'one shot' circuits, but this will guarantee results, and you only have to mess with it one time  ;)
I wouldn't recommend changing the response time of the zone as it's a global setting that can have undesired consequences, namely false alarms from a bouncing zone.
A one-shot relay or timer relay to extend the pulse would be the preferred method.
Elk's board or Altronix 6062 would be the PN


Here also tinkered with a very cheap combo circuit board meant to be used for a Motorcycle alarm system which did work fine for me for other stuff on the alarm panel...not the doorbell stuff though..using Geophone sensors with this board....