elk and email.


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Are there any free email providers (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc) that I can create an account like "freds-security-system" to send emails?

I tried gmail, but no message arrives at the destination address.
The problem is that Elk does not encrypt login and password reguired by most of smtp servers. Yahoo business account, which you get with dsl, allows you to send emails using unencrypted passwords, but not through port 25. so you will have to find what port they accept [i am not home so i will have to get back to you]. i have tested it and it works.

If you run windows server [and i hope you do] you can set email server as ip address of the windows server, enable smtp, enable log to trace the requests. It should work as well. Its simple and very effective if your computer is on 24x7 and is connected to the net.
and please forget about gmail. there are plenty of email providers that are less greedy. hotmail or yahoo to name a few. :rolleyes:
I don't have a server, just a machine running windows xp connect to the elk via ethernet and the router with my dsl box.